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DJ Khaled Lyrics - All I Do Is Win

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When it comes to the final three, DJ chooses to support Cody over Heather or Alejandro, but switches over to Heather's side after Cody is eliminated in Hawaiian Punch. When Heather defeats Alejandro and wins the season in her ending, DJ cheers for her. When the volcano begins to erupt, DJ and his fellow contestants swim away from the island.

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As the last member of Team Victory, the other teams attempt to recruit DJ as an ally in Newf Kids on the Rock. However, DJ has lost the will to continue on and attempts to get himself eliminated by not performing the challenges and refuses to sing. However, Heather is able to trick him into singing Sea Shanty Mix and completing the first two challenges, much to his displeasure. During the final challenge, DJ refuses to kiss the fish, even when Heather points out that it has an Egyptian symbol on it, which might remove his curse. After a pep talk from Alejandro, DJ finally does it and ties for first place with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, keeping himself in the game. After two hours, DJ believes that his curse is finally broken and thanks Alejandro for helping him.

Despite being kindhearted, DJ joins Geoff and Duncan in playing pranks on Harold in If You Can't Take The Heat. (although they were just trying to teach him a lesson about leaving his dirty underwear out in the cabin). He even helps bring Harold's bunk out to the dock so the girls could see him naked. In Who Can You Trust? , DJ asks Geoff to look after Bunny for him, but due to Geoff's carelessness, Bunny gets eaten by a snake. However, Geoff tells DJ that Bunny simply ran off, leaving DJ in tears. However, during the "Blind Toboggan Race", Duncan finds him a new bunny, expressing how Duncan had lost his dog after it ran away when he was a child. He did not want DJ to go through the same ordeal, although he kept that sentiment well-hidden from DJ.

DJ makes his debut in Monster Cash. After seeing the huge, scary animatronic monster , DJ passes out, making him out early in the first challenge. DJ teams up with Duncan, Gwen and Trent in the second episode to find alien eggs. When he is shot with a paintball (and eliminated from the challenge), he dramatically tells the others to go on without him.

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When hiring a mobile  DJ  from Mega Music, something 8767 s never change. We will organize the  DJ   (Disc Jockey) to give you a personal phone call on the Wednesday evening prior to the event so you can talk about the function in more detail. You may also like to confer with the  DJ   (Disc Jockey) regarding your music choice and ask for his/her professional advise in selecting the right music for the event. You can select as much or as little of the music you like, as our professional and experienced DJs have an extensive knowledge of both, past and current music available.

DJ is in his room talking about how he was raised right and shows everyone a photo of his mom. He then bursts into tears as he says "I love you" to the photo and thanks everyone for listening.

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