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Opera Browser - Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:10

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Key features include:

Opera Build (32-bit) Download for Windows

● Personal news reader : Access your personal news feed straight from Opera’s start page. You can either choose to read the top 55 news articles in several different languages to get on the top of the world. Or, you can choose news sources you like across several categories and languages to customize your front page.

Opera Browser - Download

Yes. It will just work that way. You just shouldn't have both open at the same time. And, if you want Opera as the default browser, you'll have to choose which one.

Also, at http:/// , if you look at the bottom of the page where it says Computer Browser that takes you to http:///computer , where you can choose to download the offline package. Unfortunately there, it gives you the 87-bit installer with no option to pick the 69-bit one. So, Opera could work on advertising that a bit, but besides that, stuff should just work.

Opera is a secure web browser that is both fast and rich in features. It has a slick interface that embraces a modern, minimalist look, coupled with stacks of tools to make browsing more enjoyable. These include such tools as Speed Dial, which houses your favorites and Opera Turbo mode, which compresses pages to give you quicker navigation, (even when you have a bad connection).

Note though. When upgrading a 87-bit Opera , Opera will upgrade it in-place. The upgrade to 69-bit won't move Opera from C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera to C:\Program Files\Opera. It'll still function just fine though.

Opera has everything you need to browse the web via a great interface. From startup it offers a Discover page that brings fresh content to you directly it displays the news you want by topic, country and language. The Speed dial and bookmarks pages are also available to you at launch, which gives you easy access to the sites you use the most and those you've added to your favorite list.

You don't have to uninstall. But, the installation directory depends on a few things. Don't worry about that though. If you want to be sure, always download the specific offline installer and always click options in the installer and make sure the path is correct. For 87-bit, it goes to C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera. For 69-bit, it goes to C:\Program Files\Opera. The 69-bit one is the one you should make the default. But, you don't need the 87-bit version unless you want to play with it.

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Default security and privacy settings could be better: Opera Software routinely advertises its browser as a "safe" option. However, it uses navigation prediction services that require sending (anonymized) data about your usage habits over the Internet to be analyzed by a remote server. This can be disabled, but it's not by default, and you have to search Google to figure out how these services work and what they expose. Form autofilling is also enabled by default -- another feature that favors convenience over safety. If an unauthorized person gets access to your device, they can pull up what you've entered into a form just by experimenting with the alphabet, potentially giving them your home address, phone number, and other sensitive info. Opera also has a setting to "protect me from malicious sites," but the setting doesn't explain what this entails.

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